Women’s Sport Apparel

Women’s Sport Apparel is not new, however our Online Community has found a line that could become the everyday attire for many. Women Sports Apparel truly stands out from other lines. When you discover the incredible story of the creator and the company she built, you will love the line as much as we do. Specifically, this is the perfect Women Sports Apparel line clothing for the active woman. In fact, it comes in a variety of colors, styles and logos of your favorite professional and collegiate teams!

There is something to be said for seeing and/or being part of a problem, and then solving it. Women’s sports apparel is NOT “Women” centric. Women want to look good in their Women Sports Apparel but it has to fit, be comfortable and appropriate for the activity. Our Online Community is so proud to be amongst those who have recognized this problem solution. We are dedicated to supporting this company as it elevates lives. See it for yourself here.

Womens Sport Apparel
  • Started as a Dancer, and then turned into an activewear designer. Katie was embarrassed to wear the outfits that were designed only to be sexy for the NBA dancer. Nothing matched the dancer’s level of athleticism or honored their feminine spirit. She knew she could do better and in 2014, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders became her first client!
  • Women’s Sports Apparel was born out of the idea that women deserve better sporty apparel. Activewear should be comfortable, has appropriate utility, designed for the female body and of course, SEXY.
  • Activewear designed to celebrate, never objectify the beauty of the female body. 25 years of classical ballet training taught her how the female body moves. As a result, that understanding is the impetus behind every detail from the fabric, fit and feel of her design.
  • Are you a huge football fan? Check out the Dallas Cowboy’s line! You can have the trademark Women Sports Apparel of your favorite team and thrill your partner in and out of football season.
  • NCAA fan? More and more teams are being added to this amazing line for the woman who wants to feel as good as she looks.
  • Leggings with pockets. Wear them every day at the gym, grocery store – all the time!
  • Check out the “Outlet” category on the site for the great sale items.
  • Feel the mission, “Inspiring the Mantle to Your Crown,” when you wear Women’s Sports Apparel!
  • In summary, this Women’s Sports Apparel is catching the attention of sports-loving-women all over the world. We can see it happening and are so proud to be a part of this all-female owned business sharing this incredible apparel.

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