Is College Worth It?

Is College Worth It? That is the question many people are asking these days. For many, a college education is essential, however, more and more are second-guessing it.

When I went to a public university in the late 1980’s, I was able to pay for it as I concurrently worked full time. In fact, by the time I graduated, I didn’t owe a dime. As a business accounting major, I went on to earn a very good income. In fact, my income increased as my experience and expertise grew over the years. I would say it was the best return on investment I have ever achieved.

By comparison, the same degree in a similar public university today, not including room and board, would cost at least 500% more than in 1987. On the other hand, real wages have increased only a small fraction compared to tuition. There is no way I could graduate today debt free. In fact, the average outstanding tuition balance in America today is a staggering $34,000!

I anticipated the cost of a college education when I had my child and started a college savings fund when she was born. I didn’t want her to have to work through school as much as I did. Despite having saved as much as I could from every paycheck for 18 years, it wasn’t enough. When she went away to college, I calculated having enough for three full years and as for the fourth, she would have to borrow! For Real? Real!

I think about this and wonder, what on earth is happening to the American Dream? How can our children hope to buy a home, have a car, raise a family AND pay off onerous student debt? Will they be able to also save for the college education of their children? Some will. Most wont. Is College Worth It?

Tucker will inform you of the alarming statistics and facts about college much better that I can. However, there is one data point that I want to reiterate here – 40% of college graduates currently work in jobs that don’t require a degree! If they have debt, will they every earn enough to pay it off? What does the American Dream look like for them? Is College Worth It?

Is College Worth It? So What is the Answer?

Is College Worth It

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