All Things Self-Help and Self-Education

Humans should never stop learning and improving. All Things Self-Help and Self-Education keep us advancing ahead and spry in our older years. In fact, from the time we are born until the day we pass on, we should endeavor to continue to improve and grow. We should exercise our brain, protect our health and maintain our fitness. Unfortunately, too many are in a state of neglect. They are out-of-shape “couch potatoes,” and mentally paralyzed. To be sure, neglecting your education will result in limiting your financial opportunities. Neglecting your health and fitness will result in compromising your well-being and longevity. Truly, our Online Community wants kick-start your “elevated living.” In order to accomplish this, you must be fit, enthusiastic and driven to have it. Here, we offer a few Self-Help and Self-Education options to take care of yourself and those you love.

Brainfood Academy: K-12 education has slowly devolved over that last several generations. Moreover, in the last several years, politics and DEI have accelerated the degeneration to alarming levels. If you are lucky, excellent public education can still be found. However, you may not be able to afford to live in those districts. For many, home-based education has become an option that MUST be considered. To that end, Brainfood Academy is an outstanding home-based online education program. To illustrate, it offers classical education while utilizing and focusing on technology from excellent, certified teachers. See What Tomorrow’s Education Looks Like Here:

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EMF Protection: Danerous EMF (electro magnetic fields) are everywhere from 5G wireless and bluetooth to WiFi and more. As a result, it is bombarding our bodies and compromising our health. This is not “Conspiracy Theory.” It is real. This amazing “shield” was developed by the same amazing geniuses that bring you the Biohacking products described in our Health & Fitness category, which I encourage you to check out. See our EMF shield Here.

Is College Worth It? That is the question many people are asking these days. For many, a college education is essential, however,more and more are second-guessing it. If you are pondering this question yourself or have decided already that it isn’t for you, Our Online Community would like to offer an opportunity in Online Marketing. We have a compelling opportunity that should be considered. You can nurture your Self-Help and Self-Education Here:

What we are prescribing here is “self-actualization.” This is the full realization of one’s creative, intellectual and social potential through internal drive. This is where you want to be. What you want your children to strive for. Let us help you on your journey to be your best you and to guide your children to be all that they can be.