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Bio Hacking” is a movement based on the idea that you can elevate your personal well-being by influencing your own biology and environment. To that end, our Online Community has partnered with an amazing Company that has developed natural nutritional supplements and products to address top megatrends dominating the global health improvement market. Discover how we have helped thousands improve their lifestyles and health with these leading-edge Bio Hacking products.

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Six of the fastest growing megatrends in the market today are Nootropics (brain health); Sleep improvement; Anti-aging; Weight-loss; Gut Health; and EMF (electro-magnetic field) Protection. Next, we introduce six incredible products that are delivering life-changing results in each of these mega-markets.

One: Improve Brain Health with brān®, pronounced [breyn]:

Feeling sluggish, anxious or depressed? Having trouble focusing or experiencing brain fog? This Brain Food Bio Hack product will jump-start your brain delivering energy, clarity and over-all well being. Likewise, you will be amazed at the increase in your productivity and general happiness. So, forget about those liquor store “energy drinks.” You need brān® to rejuvenate and restore your brain. Go here to learn more.

Two: Better Sleep while Slimming Down with zlēm®, pronounced [zleem]:

With this Bio Hack, you will achieve Better Sleep! In addition, it will help you Slim Down while getting this incredible sleep! This amazing two-fer is why this product is our #1, best seller. Quite simply, take zlēm® 30 minutes before bedtime and you are on your way to sleeping bliss. And what is even more mind-bending, this bio hacking product utilizes your body’s stored resources as if you were exercising to literally burn away your excess fat! In fact, our Founder, Rory Ricard, lost 65 pounds using this product, going from a 2XL shirt to Large, looking and feeling better than ever! Go here to learn more.

Three: Our Youth Serum Bio Hacker, appropriately named, uüth® [pronounced yüth], is Anti-aging Gold!

Be the best, younger version of you. This once-daily, Bio-Hacking uüth® serum does much more than making you look younger. Even more, you will feel better. See it in your skin, hair, and nails. Experience more VERVE in your very being!

One customer wrote in to tell us that within 6-months of taking this “Youth Revival Snap”, the crow’s feet around her eyes and worry lines on her forehead were all but gone. She looks and feels 20-years younger. And best of all, her friends and family notice it too! You too can have this “fountain-of-youth” bio hacking miracle HERE! To learn more, go here.

Four: Continue your Weight Loss Journey with our Thermogenic, Appetite Suppressant, Bio Hacking plôs® thermo, [pronounced plus]:

Weight loss

This amazing Bio Hacker, plôs® thermo, is a non-dairy creamer, that you can add to your coffee or other favorite hot or cold beverage to help you lose weight. In fact, it is an appetite suppressant, whose thermogenic properties actually burn fat by creating heat within your “organic waste,” by elevating your basal metabolic rate. Indeed, isn’t natural science great! Get it Here! For more information, click here.

Five: Improve Gut Health for Overall Well-being with byōm® [pronounced by-ohm]:

Gut Health determines our overall Health. The medical community is zeroing in on the impact of poor gut health as the root cause of many ailments that devastate our well being. In fact, the main cause of poor gut health is the impact processed foods has on our bodies. Specifically, processed foods are loaded with chemicals, preservative and additives, for the primary purpose of addicting us to them! The most natural answer to this dilemma is consuming scratch foods from (organic) farm-to-table. But how feasible is this, really? Eating better, more natural, organic food should be in your repertoire, but for most of us this is not going to be enough.

Our Online Community partnership offers you byōm® as the perfect supplement in achieving gut health. This powerful, liquid probiotic is an amazing Bio Hacker! To be true, the long term effects of this “Gut Health Snap” are undeniable and we recommend it for all. For more information, click here.

Six: The Effects of EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) are NOT Conspiracy Theory Fodder! Our Bio Hacking “Frequency Protection” Product, tuün®, pronounced [tune], Is the Answer!

In today’s age of exponential advancements in technologies, we are bombarded by electro-magnetic frequency rays that our bodies absorb. In fact, they impact our brains, organs and compromise our health. These energy rays are generated by 5G cell technology, advances in computing technology that requires ever-increasing levels of electricity, wireless technology, etc…. EMF is everywhere! Although the experts and stakeholders debate the veracity of the health risk, our Online Community highly recommends an amazing product that will protect you from EMF hazards. It is called tuün® and you wear it like a locket on a chain around your neck. In fact, it literally shields you and your loved-ones from EMF. In addition, it also helps your animal family members. You will actually feel the positive effects this will have on you. For example, you will feel how you “come down” when you are not wearing it. Get it Here. For more information, click here.

Bio Hacking “Lite” Versions Are Available for brān®, zlēm®, and byōm®

Nervous about getting started? Concerned about cost and dosage level? Consider getting started with the “Lite” versions of our Brainfood, Sleep and Slim, and Gut Health products. For more details, click here.

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Bio Hacking
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