Savings And Benefits

We have the best program for Savings and Benefits and so few know about it. Be part of something groundbreaking and help share it with the world! For example, we are spending more on our beloved pets than ever. This program will help you find major savings on pet food, toys and other services that make it easier to love on your animal child! It’s not just stuff for pets – it’s everything you already spend on or want to spend on. Or should be spending on! To demonstrate, take a few minutes to watch the introductory video below. To be sure, you will be so happy to have found this spectacular Savings And Benefits Membership Program.

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Savings and Benefits

Begin by going to this website and choosing between the Gold, Platinum or Titanium membership levels you wish to start with. Use the Savings Calculator to see the savings opportunities you have on things you already purchase! You will be so pleased by the prospect on how much you can save on your everyday living expenses. You can sock away the savings or spend more on things that truly elevate living! To be sure, there are so many ways to save and earn that Our Online Community offers training on how to take advantage of all of what there is to offer!

Savings and Benefits

Use the Savings and Benefits your membership level provides. Homeowners, can find amazing deals on home, auto insurance and grocery programs. Business owners can save on employee insurance programs or finally afford to provide them! And who doesn’t travel? You can save up to 75% off retail travel packages. It is all here – savings on what you already pay for!

Savings and Benefits

Become a member of our Online Community and see how you can create an income stream with your membership! What is more, in our Community of marketers, we have access to many more incredible products from World Class companies enabling our members to earn part-time to career-level incomes.

The choice is simple. You can continue to buy what you already buy at prices you already pay. OR, save thousands by becoming a member!

With all three levels explained below, you can get each membership for free by using your benefits to save more than the monthly fee. Additionally, you can earn referral bonuses when you refer members. In fact, bonus amounts increase based on membership levels and the numbers of referrals you make. Check it out HERE.

  • Gold Travel (hotels, rental cars, hotels): Savings up to 50% off retail.
  • Dining and Entertainment
  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • “Employee” Shopping discounts
  • Credit Repair Bonus

Note for Pet Lovers: If you own household pets and treat them like “one-of-the-family,” you have the greatest opportunity to save with the shopping discounts. In fact, this Savings and Benefits Membership program is fully on board with the mega-booming pet industry and you can slash your typical costs ranging from veterinary services, to specialized food, to their favorite play-toys. You have to check it out!

  • Level 1 Gold Membership Benefits plus:
  • Platinum Travel – upgrade from Gold up to 80% savings discounts.
  • Global Travel Assistance.
  • Family Legal Plan
  • Free Simple Will
  • Mentors Success Club
  • Level 1 Gold Benefits
  • Level 2 Platinum Benefits, plus:
  • Free Doctors on Call 24/7
  • Free Roadside Assistance 24/7
  • Dental & Vision
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Free Annual Income Tax Preparation
  • Free Tax Counseling Hot-line
  • Free financial Help Hot-line
  • Zoom meetings Discount
  • Internet Domains, Hosing and SLLs

With the Legal, Roadside and Doctor programs, you can download the respective apps to your iOS or Android cell phone so that you have access to them everywhere you go!

This program is not just for individuals and families. For Business, there is just so much you can save on if you think outside the box and stop paying retail and visit here!

  • Employee health benefit programs
  • Salesman travel
  • Zoom meetings
  • Internet services
  • Uniform services
  • Maintenance and office supplies
  • Etc – the list is endless!

In this modern world, extended families and business operations are spread far and wide, making travel essential! Vacation travel is a mega-trend that just keeps booming. For these reasons, travel alone is reason enough to opt into any one of the membership levels described above. Your savings on travel alone will more than pay for the monthly costs! This is a phenomenal opportunity!

To sum it up: The choice is simple. You can continue to buy what you already buy at prices you already pay. OR, you can become a member and save thousands.

As mentioned above, with this Savings and Benefits program alone, the referral program is a great way to pay for the monthly cost of the memberships. But think about how much you can earn by ACTIVELY marketing this program as well as all of the other products our Online Community at RRR247 offers. You can earn part-time to career-level income and elevate your life! With our Mentors Club, our members receive incredible, never-ending training for FREE. You will receive personal training from the start and have unlimited access to the body of knowledge and group training with our experts and Sponsors to keep you on top of the game. VISIT HERE and get acquainted with us. You’ll be glad you did!

Our Online Community is dedicated to assist you with any questions you may have or any further details you may need – Simply, Contact Us. Additionally, to find out ALL of the wonderful opportunities we can offer you, just Contact Us!