InPersona Incentivizes Your Health Management

Inpersona incentivizes your health management and well being with it’s “virtual-world” platform. InPersona uses your heartbeat to mine crypto currency. Improve the management of your health and earn rewards. How’s that for incentivization? In fact, the more you improve the more you earn. Furthermore, refer a friend and earn even more.

This may sound daunting, but it is really simple. Rest assured, just follow the 4 easy steps below to get set up and you will be on your way to earning NFT cryptocurrency while managing and monitoring your health!

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Step 1: Prerequisites – Have an Apple Smart Watch or wearable “health” device such as Helo’s Biosense Health Band that you can get here. Note: It must be compatible with Inpersona. Additionally, to redeem your crypto rewards, you will need to have a compatible crypto wallet or you can set up your wallet in the Inpersona app.


Step 2: Simply, download the free InPersona app to connect with the Inpersona virtual-world onto your smart phone or other compatible device. This app is conveniently available on the Apple iStore, Google Play Store or direct download Here. Enter the INVITE CODE, “PCB2CASA6” into the app. Contact Us if you have any difficulty when using this code.


Step 3: Purchase a data NFT (non-fungible token) in the Inpersonal app or visit the inPersona webpage Here and finish the onboarding process. Once setup, you are on your way to monitor and measure your heartbeat health and earn your NFT crypto rewards! If you are already working out, now you get to earn while you burn. If you are not, you need to and earn while you’re at it! Watch the video below to learn more about NFTs.

Step 4: Get your own INVITE CODE in the Inpersona app so that you can share this incredible opportunity with others and earn more rewards as they earn rewards just as you have! What a deal! Earn crypto for just working out!

InPersona Customer Support

Support is Available through the Inpersona Here or by contacting our experts in our Online Community Customer Service. We highly encourage you to take advantage of this program and are sure you will be glad you did!


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Our Online Community is dedicated to assist you with any questions you may have or any further details you may need – Simply, Contact Us. Additionally, to find out ALL of the wonderful opportunities we can offer you, just Contact Us!