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Use your own PC and get “Free Bitcoin” cryptocurrency with zero risk! In other words, earn rewards of free Bitcoin with nothing to invest in. This is so simple! Let the program utilize your laptop or PC when not in use. Simply, let the program run – you are actually micro-mining Bitcoin! We have offered this program since 2017 and it is the gift that keeps on giving..

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Sign up for this free crypto mining program Here. It works on 95% of Windows computers with as little as 64 BIT. MAC users or if you don’t have a PC, you can still earn rewards by referring others

Download the program and run it on your Windows computer – while you aren’t using it! Make sure that you have your blockchain Wallet that we told you about here. You can run it on up to 5 different computers, maximizing your earning potential. Get started with Bitcoin and share it with your friends. When you refer this to your friends, you will earn as they earn. Have fun and watch your Bitcoin balance grow for doing next to nothing.

Share the link! Locate the referral link in the program. Share this link with everyone you can. After that, they earn Free Bitcoin from using this, and you do as they do! It has a lucrative referral program and pays upwards of up to 7 generations of referrals. The referral link looks something like this:

Your anti-virus or malware programs might block the installation. If this happens, you might need to disable your program to load this crypto mining program. Alternatively, you might just need to add an exception. For more specific instruction, perform a Google search on “how can I load a program that gets blocked by my antivirus?”

Have crypto? Give the video below a look – it takes only 5 minutes. This video was made years ago when Bitcoin was under $1,000 per coin. Bitcoin is worth over $68,000 today! For instance, I am risk averse. However, I do like to make money and this program has been an impetus to gain more knowledge. In conclusion, just try it – this simple crypto mining program is the best way to get started!

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