Brainfood – The Best Home School Program. Period.

Welcome to “Brainfood – The Best Home School Program” available! Tired of ED.GOV? Consider this world-class alternative for home-schooling. There is no woke, social identity agenda or violent mayhem that plagues our public school systems. Brainfood Home School Program is like receiving private tutoring of classical education utilizing today’s technologies in order to prepare your child for the future.

So many parents today are concerned about preparing their children for the marketplace of the future. Technology is changing and advancing so fast and Brainfood is a leader in the solution preparing the next and future generations. And guess what? Kindergarten is FREE!

GO HERE and set up your free parent account – it is quick and easy. Once you are signed up, you can view the curriculum, topics, teaching schedules and so much more. Moreover, there is no obligation for this discovery step and the goal is to be totally transparent. Because of this transparency, parents of enrolled children enjoy full online access to what is being taught, grades, what is available and access to administration and support. Once you see what Brainfood Academy has to offer, we are sure you will recognize how superior this program is.

  • WHERE: In our Global Zoom Room HERE. If you have trouble, go directly to Zoom here and enter the meeting ID 267 159 642 and click on “Join.” Alternatively, you can watch a video recording on our YouTube Channel Here if the Zoom room is full or if Wednesdays just don’t work for you.
  • WHEN: Wednesday Nights. 5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 7:30pm CST / 8:30pm EST / 9:30pm AST. As we continue to expand globally, we will be adding additional meeting times in the near future.
  • WHAT TO BRING: Bring a pen and notepad and an Open Attitude. Invite your friends, family and other colleagues.
Best Home School Program

Access your Parent Account to enroll each of your students with Brainfood Academy and get ready to launch your child into the curriculum and follow along with your parental access.

Benefits of Online Education with “Brainfood – The Best Home School Program”:

  • Superior education combined with technological methodologies: Classic training from excellent, dedicated teachers utilizing current technology.
  • Security at Home. Our teachers guide the curriculum. Parents oversee. No bullies and disrupters around to distract your children.
  • Access to Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities are Available: Kids still need social interaction and it is all explained during discovery.
  • Parents and Students select the Teachers: Because this is a Virtual Campus, there is access to any available teachers for the grade level and subject based on capped demand.
  • Flexible Online Classroom Times: Based on teacher availability.
  • Recorded Classes Available: A recording of the “Live Class” is available when your child cannot attend.
  • Life Flexibility: As long as you have internet access, learning is available where ever you may be.

Costs and Funding Concerns for Brainfood Academy:

The subject of the cost of a private education cannot be side-stepped. While the cost of this “Brainfood – The Best Home School Program” is designed to be affordable for most, we recognize the need to enable anyone to participate. To that end, our Online Community can help you arrange for available funding for many circumstances in various locations. For options available to you, check them out here.

Get the Details and Get Started Here

In summary, Brainfood Academy is a leader in the solutions preparing the next and future generations for humanity’s well being and facing the challenges the technological leaps will continue to bring.

Our Online Community is dedicated to assist you with any questions you may have or any further details you may need – Simply, Contact Us. Additionally, to find out ALL of the wonderful opportunities we can offer you, just Contact Us!