Blockchain Wallet

A crypto or Blockchain Wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to store, manage and exchange their cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. Prevent crypto theft with the several security features Blockchain Wallet has. Transaction fees are charged based on different factors such as transaction size. The digital wallet resides in a virtual environment that operates like that wallet in your back pocket or purse. without a Blockchain wallet, you cannot secure and exchange your crypto.

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blockchain wallet

We offer Coinbase and have been trusting it for years. In fact, Coinbase is highly trusted and offers many great features and programs, a few of which are described below.

  • Upload cash or FIAT cryptocurrency to your COINBASE wallet.
  • Use PayPal (or another financial app) to fund COINBASE in order to buy crypto currencies.
  • COINBASE offers Staked Coins that earn yields. STAKED coins earn an Annual Percentage Yield. In fact, this yield can range from .01 to 25 percent, similar to a bond or savings account. Coinbase wallets generally have proven to be more safe than others. However, risk is always involved with investments, including Staking.
  • Purchase your first NFTs (non-fungible tokens). For example, some NFTs are like trading cards. The NBA has an NFT, “NBA Top Shot,” which are officially licensed trading cards. This so fun and is another great way to enter this exciting market.

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