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All Things Education and Career Development have risen to the forefront of concern for the family. Our Online Community offers alternatives to Mainstream USA. Many of us have become concerned with ED.GOV and whether it is adequately preparing our children for what comes after K-12. Many government curriculums and standards have veered away from classical education. In fact, “they are pushing “woke ideologies” on our children and aren’t preparing them adequately for the paths technology is advancing in. Furthermore, many of our colleges and universities have transformed into ideological partisan hotbeds. They are indoctrinating instead of educating our youth. To be sure, it appears that students are graduating ill-prepared for the realities, rigors and future of the business environment. Explore this category to discover alternatives to education and traditional career paths that truly address what is needed and advantages to be gained if chosen.

Education and Career Development

Brainfood – The Best Home School Program: K-12 education has slowly devolved over that last several generations. Moreover, in the last several years, politics and DEI have accelerated the degeneration to alarming levels. If you are lucky, excellent public education can still be found. However, you may not be able to afford to live in those districts. For many, home-based education has become an option that MUST be considered. Brainfood is an outstanding home-based online education program that offers classical education while utilizing and focusing on technology from excellent, certified teachers. Find our more about this K-12 solution Here:

Teach with the Best Online Home School Program – Brainfood:  We introduced you to the “next-level” Brainfood Acadamy education alternative above. Curriculum results could not be fully realized without its excellent teachers! Brainfood is growing and so is its need to find more, excellent accredited teachers! Brainfood is where you want to be if you have left GOV.ED or desire to consider an alternative that values you and pays you what you are worth. Focused children of invested parents are the “dream students” you wish you had. Sow the seeds of learning and intelligence, putting each student on the road to reaping incredible reward for their futures and the future of mankind. Join Brainfood and get the fulfillment you became a teacher for in the first place. See this and How You Can Be A Part of It Here:

PBS Performance Blogging System: Is the value of a college education worth the exhorbidant cost? Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Would you rather work for yourself than for someone else? Our Online Community urges you to consider our PBS Internet Marketing program that includes Education and Career Development. As technology and the intertnet advances and consumes more and more business market-share, opportunities for self-employment abound. We are helping individuals around the world create income streams that generate income 24/7 and puts them on the path toward time and financial freedom! And not to mention, improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. We invite you to check out more details about getting started here.

We need to set our children and ourselves up for the future and the right choices for Education and Career Development are critical. You don’t have to cringe and bear the mainstream USA path and hope for the best. There are many alternatives to Mainstream USA and we have offered you a few. Take the reigns and make the choices that you know you can control and are there to serve you and not the other way around!